Amanda Jennings, Mona Lisa, the Universe, and Fishfingers…

Today I’m excited to welcome a writer who’s currently taking the literary world by storm with her incredible third book, psychological thriller In Her Wake – the lovely, quirky, talented Amanda Jennings.  Though until recently we’d only communicated via modern missive – Twitter, Facebook – her warm personality shone between the lines.  And when we finallyContinue reading “Amanda Jennings, Mona Lisa, the Universe, and Fishfingers…”

How I Got a Book Deal – Part Two

Last week I posted part one of How I Got a Book Deal, intending to give new writers an insight into how some of today’s fantastic authors got their novels published, and to hopefully encourage others not to give up. To show that the road will likely be long and full of rejection, but thatContinue reading “How I Got a Book Deal – Part Two”

How I Got a Book Deal – Part One

Before I finally got my book deal – I did it, did you know? – it was the one thing I googled and researched and asked about the most while working on my novels. How did other writers manage to acquire that elusive, golden prize of actually having a publisher say yes. Yes, they loveContinue reading “How I Got a Book Deal – Part One”

Bedtime stories, any time.

The last time most of us heard a story read aloud – reverently and slowly – it’s very likely we were children, and that it was bedtime, and that the storyteller was a parent. I’ve always found it curious that as children we’re read stories before bed. They always woke me, lifted me, rather thanContinue reading “Bedtime stories, any time.”