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My interview on Estuary TV…

Talking about book on Estuary TV


My interview with Fiona Mills on Kingston Radio.

Radio Interview


Here are links to some of my published and prize-winning short stories.

Sleeping Pills for Babies

Notes from the Night

How to be Brave

The Secret Truth of Towel Folding

Stars over Kabul


Some of my articles, interviews I’ve taken part in, and reviews of the book by others.  At the bottom are further links to online interviews/pieces I’ve written.

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How to be Somewhere Else

Irish Times piece

The Currents and Colours of Setting

When the Past Demands to be Acknowledged

My Prison Workshop experience

Haunted by the Sea

On Life Writing

How to be Brave – who’d be in the film?

All The Voices in my Head

Interview at The Shipping Forecast

Interview with Tracy Fenton