Do I need a trigger warning for my trigger warning piece?

Let’s see… I’ve been thinking a lot about trigger warnings recently. It’s a complex issue. What are they? Why do we have them? Do they work? Do we even need them? Generally, film and TV programmes now include a warning at the start of a showing, listing the things addressed in the material that theContinue reading “Do I need a trigger warning for my trigger warning piece?”

The Year The Arts Saved Us…

What WOULD we have done without books this year? The arts saved us. Music, films, photographs, documentaries, art, and books were – in many ways – all we had in 2020. The escape and joy they offered perhaps replaced (or at least compensated for) the lack of human contact, the being separated from our families,Continue reading “The Year The Arts Saved Us…”

Ride the Peter Pan by Allison Whittenberg

Allison Whittenberg is a writer who has a global perspective. If she wasn’t an author she’d be a private detective or a jazz singer. She loves reading about history and true crime. Her other novels include Sweet Thang, Hollywood and Maine, Life is Fine, Tutored and The Sane Asylum. There were times when it seemedContinue reading “Ride the Peter Pan by Allison Whittenberg”

The Rain Garden by Joanna Campbell

The Rain Garden by Joanna Campbell                                                             I am creating a garden from rain. My hands, steeped in glossy soil, are digging to the core of the world. A spangled worm twists, unhurried, around a clod of earth, working without searching, hoping to avoid thrushes’ beaks and the thrust of gardeners’ spades. Not enough brain forContinue reading “The Rain Garden by Joanna Campbell”

Winner Of My 50 Because I’m 50 Competition

In the last two weeks, since launching my writing competition, I’ve been inundated with well over a hundred short stories. I’ve been swept away to Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Beirut, Bangkok, the US, Northern Ireland, and Jamaica. I’ve been whisked back in time to the Suffragette movement, to the Edwardian and Victorian period, to the SecondContinue reading “Winner Of My 50 Because I’m 50 Competition”

The 50 Because I’m 50 Writing Competition…

To celebrate my recent 50th birthday, I want to give something back. I’ve enjoyed some glorious writing moments during my forties, but I’ve never forgotten how long it took to achieve my dream of a book deal in 2015, aged 44. Before that, I entered every writing competition I saw, followed numerous authors and listenedContinue reading “The 50 Because I’m 50 Writing Competition…”

No shame, no apology, no regret.

Writers often apologise when they share glowing newspaper reviews or a reader’s praise of their books. I often see them saying that it feels like ‘bad form’ or that it seems somehow vain to retweet positive blog posts. They admit that they feel they are perhaps supposed to – in order to be visible, toContinue reading “No shame, no apology, no regret.”