Have you written your best book yet?

‘Deep down, I think I’ve finally written my masterpiece. And it scares the living shit out of me.’ – Truman Capote At my recent book launch – a split second before I was about to end the Q&A to go and sign books with my glorious, hand-crafted wooden pen shaped like a lion– my brotherContinue reading “Have you written your best book yet?”

Switching Genre When You Weren’t Even In One In The First Place Is Scary …

Most of us read a next book based on an author’s last book. I know I do. But what if that next book is very different to that last book, even if the writer’s very recognisable style is still there, their voice, and their certain way with words that we love? Would you be excitedContinue reading “Switching Genre When You Weren’t Even In One In The First Place Is Scary …”

An Interview With Sid Spencer – Without Consent Blog Tour

Without Consent by Sid Spencer is a short memoir about Sid’s childhood in the 1970s and 1980s. It tells of his time with his birth family, three foster families, and then at a boarding school. It’s an honest and brutal account of the systematic abuse that he endured for four years. The book describes SidContinue reading “An Interview With Sid Spencer – Without Consent Blog Tour”

Candles, Egg Whisks, and Imagination – a chat with John Marrs

Welcome to my website, John, and to your official publication day of The Good Samaritan, which I loved, as my review here describes. And here’s the blurb… She’s a friendly voice on the phone. But can you trust her? The people who call End of the Line need hope. They need reassurance that life is worthContinue reading “Candles, Egg Whisks, and Imagination – a chat with John Marrs”

I was rejected because…

I was rejected because I’m not Jodi Picoult. I was rejected because I sound special but I’m not quite right for the list. I was rejected because it wasn’t me, it was them, and I wasn’t for them. I was rejected because I’m not commercial enough. I was rejected because I’m not literary enough. IContinue reading “I was rejected because…”

Blog Tour for Unbroken by Madeleine Black

I am honoured to be kicking off the blog tour for Madeleine Black’s memoir Unbroken. Sometimes you don’t just connect with a book, but with the writer too. You read a story – a true story – that touches you on a deep level, one that you almost feel the author was writing just forContinue reading “Blog Tour for Unbroken by Madeleine Black”

Tales of the Unexpected – or Writing the Fifth Novel…

I’m currently writing my fifth novel, and I’m at that well-past-halfway, exciting, totally-in-love stage, where I sort-of-know where it’s going, but things could still surprise me. My fourth – The Lion Tamer Who Lost, which I’ve already written, and began in fact six years ago – isn’t out until next year, and I’m still tweakingContinue reading “Tales of the Unexpected – or Writing the Fifth Novel…”

Learning to Breathe

Winner of the Aesthetica magazine Creative Works competition 2009   I’m home, he called, his belt buckle as polished as ocean stones, his tone an undercurrent more dangerous than the words… Bubbles carry Kate’s hurt to the surface. Some spiral, fast, swirling like tiny kites caught in a playful wind. Others zigzag through freezing water,Continue reading “Learning to Breathe”