Month: July 2017

Ten Books Every One of Us Should Read

A book we want to read, regardless of who does or doesn’t like it, regardless of whether it’s a ‘classic’ or not, or what bestseller list it’s on or isn’t on, or what award it has or hasn’t won, or who tells us we’re… Continue Reading “Ten Books Every One of Us Should Read”

Words and Music

This is one of the stunning images from the filming of the Maria in the Moon video yesterday. The beautiful song at its heart came from Hull talent, Carrie Martin, after we talked about my new novel a few months ago. I was describing… Continue Reading “Words and Music”

How I Got Published

How did I get a book deal? It’s one of the things I’m frequently asked about at book events and festivals. How did I get published? Unless the person asking – usually a hopeful writer, like I’ve been most of my life – has… Continue Reading “How I Got Published”

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