Month: April 2016

Amanda Jennings, Mona Lisa, the Universe, and Fishfingers…

Today I’m excited to welcome a writer who’s currently taking the literary world by storm with her incredible third book, psychological thriller In Her Wake – the lovely, quirky, talented Amanda Jennings.  Though until recently we’d only communicated via modern missive – Twitter, Facebook –… Continue Reading “Amanda Jennings, Mona Lisa, the Universe, and Fishfingers…”

Bloggers’ Perfect Books…

Book Bloggers can quite literally make or break writers – mostly they make them as they’re such a lovely lot.  They often reveal – via their passion for all things literary – little gems of novels we’ve never heard of, great big fat magical… Continue Reading “Bloggers’ Perfect Books…”

Finally, my ship…

Like main character Grandad Colin in 1943, How to be Brave is crossing the ocean today. I hope it fairs a bit better on its journey than he did. Right now, seventy-three years ago, he was about halfway through his lifeboat ordeal, with another… Continue Reading “Finally, my ship…”

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