Month: February 2016

How to be Brave

How to be Brave, my debut novel, was a lifetime in the making.  A dream come true after a long, long journey.  When Karen Sullivan at Orenda Books offered me a book deal on 9th February 2015 I quite literally cried.  I will never… Continue Reading “How to be Brave”

The Mountain in my Shoe

The Mountain in my Shoe is my second novel and will be published on Kindle 15th July and in paperback in September, by Orenda Books. It turns out I accidentally wrote a psychological thriller with this one.  I never write with a genre in… Continue Reading “The Mountain in my Shoe”

An Outstanding Debt

When I was fifteen I bet my mother ten pounds that I’d be published by the age of thirty. Ten pounds was quite a bit to me then. I felt like it was a fair deal, one where she’d have to pay me. After… Continue Reading “An Outstanding Debt”

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